Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zest Air and its ambtion.

My 5 out of 5 stars rant for a 1 out of 5 stars airlines like Zest Air.

If you encountered the same situation below, what would you do? and how would you react?
Zest Airways called you and informed you that your flight has been rescheduled one day after your scheduled flight. You agreed with Zest Air and accepted the new flight schedule. But when you arrived in the airport, there are no Zest Air flights available. After that horrible experience, Zest Air still has the guts to ask you to pay an additional fee for not showing up in your scheduled flight!

Whack them for that!

What on earth has the guts to do that?[There’s no need to ask anyways, it’s already here!]

To ask for something that’s just more than enough, and is freaking unfair is called 'ambitioning', you know?

And I want to punch or slap or kick someones face for having ambitions like that.

Zest Air to be exact. I’d be, vengeful on Zest Air.

But that’s not that easy. And that is not how it ends. It’s also something about my friend Winston [yeah, imagine I am his friend, or I am really his’!]

First of all [not yet the last, don’t be excited Zest Air!]I’d take this in the legal, and professional side.

This isn’t in the ethics of a good public service! Nor shows constancy in what was agreed upon. With what I said examples are the situation above, and Winston's Zest Air Philippines experience. This shows, false service to cut short. And deserves not just a punch, a slap, a kick, but great payment through the eyes of jurisdiction. [Do not confuse me Zest Air. I know what I am saying so just shut up there!]

Now, to give everyone a geeky insight on the airways’ brand name. *Ahem, get out of the way Zest Air*

Zest (n)- vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment. So Zest+Airways= vigorous and enthusiastic airways.

Epic fail!

Zest Air does not deserve to be called such.Bleh.

Do not be deceived I say. You are not looking at a cheap payment, nor a refreshing experience. You are, looking at Zest Air’s cheap service.

It is already Christmas Zest Air! Wake up! Or should we deck those heads with rants for service? [falalalala, lalalala]. Let’s drain all those lies in the tub now. There’s no loss in our side Zest Air [actually there is, don’t pretend], but there is in yours—it’s the public trust and credibility you are wasting.

So to conclude anything and everything. You Zest Air should conclude all this devastating things. Trash all those fail protocols. Refresh those rusty customer services. And stop those illogical ambitions.

For Winston, for Jehzlau, for the sake of everyone concerned.

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