Sunday, July 11, 2010

Android Phone: I write for it

Getting an android phone through excellence in writing

(There is a contest by Jehzeel Laurente wherein you should submit a convincing entry with a prize of android phone )

I might be a little late, but hear me why I deserve an Android phone.

When you can get something through writing, why not earn it?

The gift of technology is spreading widely, pouring its feel to everyone. One of which — phones, is used often and I must not be left behind.

How idyllic does it feel to use it? And the taste of enjoying something that you also need?

This phone can help like a handy sandbox, in certain times of the clock, of the day, and of certain places that I get into.

As a student, this phone can help me a lot. It can serve as a gadget of internet, enabling me to get handful insights about certain information I need.

Communication is indeed a part of our daily lives, and phones can take a role. When you need to talk to someone across the globe, or send a message that is really important.

This phone can also serve as storage of different things—from phone numbers to call to important reminders that I need to accomplish.

And we cannot deny something that we live with,

Entertainment in the form of music that soothe our ears, movies that evoke an emotion to us and games that energize and push us to different thoughts.

God bless!